Mr. Miller's Seventh Grade Science Class Investigates: COVID-19


February 2, 2021

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Exclusively brought to you from our OLL Seventh Grade Investigative Reporting Team.

Clip 3:  COVID-19 Virus

Discuss what a virus is and describe the COVID-19 virus focusing on the S-Protein.  Keep it short and simple - no longer than 15 seconds.

Article 1:  Ducksters:  What is a virus?

Article 2:  COVID-19 Virus

What I'm looking for:

Viruses are very small particles that can infect animals and plants and make them sick. Viruses are made up of genetic materials like DNA and RNA and are protected by a coating of protein.

When a virus invades a body's cell, it begins to multiply and makes the host sick. Viruses can cause all sorts of diseases including COVID-19.

This is what the COVID-19 virus looks like.  (Show custom artwork that depicts the COVID-19 virus and point out the proteins on the picture.  Single out the S Protein as the Spike protein that allows the virus to invade a healthy cell.)

Clip 4:  COVID-19 Vaccine

Discuss what a mRNA vaccine is.  Keep it short and simple - no longer than 15 seconds.

Article:  NBC NEWS - Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine promising

What I'm looking for:

A new type of vaccine has been developed for COVID-19 that uses a a technology called messenger-RNA, or mRNA.  This is the first time a vaccine like this has ever been approved for human consumption. Instead of using bits of virus to provoke an immune response, the mRNA trains the immune system to target the spike protein found on the surface of the coronavirus.

Remember, the spike protein is what allows the virus to invade human cells.  By blocking the spike, the vaccine prevents people from becoming infected with the virus.

Clip 5:  Pfizer vs Moderna

Compare how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are alike and different.  Keep it short and simple - no longer than 15 seconds.

Article:  ABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News

What I'm looking for:

A simple VENN Diagram that shows how they are alike and different.

Clip 6:  Conclusion

Keep it short and simple - no longer than 15 - 20 seconds.

Stay Safe:


  1. Practice Social Distancing

  2. Wear A Mask

  3. Wash your hands

  4. Pray  (Write a special COVID-19 prayer.  Here is an example if the kids need inspiration.)

  5. Thank You For Watching


Clip 1:  Introduction

Introduce yourself and describe the purpose of this news story.  Keep it short and simple - no longer than 15 seconds.

Mr. Miller is going to do the introduction.

Clip 2:  Human Cell

Discuss the basic anatomy of a cell.  Keep it short and simple - no longer than 15 seconds.

Article:  Basic Cell Structure

What I'm looking for:

All the information on this sheet should be presented.  Along with custom artwork.


January 15:  Scripts and Original Artwork Due
January 18 - 22:   Rehearsal & Filming

Everyone who participates in this project will receive Confirmation Hours!!!